Trace Elliot 715x Analogue Conversion (Upgrade)

This Trace Elliot 715x came into us with no output. An examination told us the output module failed. Trace Elliot Digital Module These later Trace Elliots have a digital output module and it has not been designed to service. We then contacted the manafactures only to be told that this module was obsolete. We decided that if we could not repair the digital module then maybe we could replace it with an industry standard MosFet amplifier output stage. We would keep the original front end as this is really where any music amplifier gets its unique sound from.

From Digital to Analogue

As we were keeping the pre amp stage, we would have to first build a new power supply. This new PSU would be given its own 50VA tranformer. Pre Amp PSU PCB The PSU rectifier, regulator and smoothing circuit was based on the origanal PSU circiut contained within the digital power module. We improved the spec of the power supply and fitted bigger capacitors and rectifier. The next step was to select a MosFet amplifier. Our first choice was a 450 watt amplifier, as this was nearer to the original 600 watt, but this would have be just too big to shoe horn into the space we had available. Mosfet Amp Module A 300 watt item was chosen (despite misgivings from our client), as this was a mere 3dB below the 600 watt, on paper anyway. Due to height restrictions we had to remove the two PSU Capacitors from the new unit. These would be mounted on the central bulkhead instead.
The next step, once commited, was to take out all the Trace Elliot 715x power components. Then there was no going back.

Trace Elliot Before Trace Elliot During

Then we removed the bulkhead and drilled out the mountings for the amp PSU caps, pre amp PSU and transformer. Now to put it all together. The caps, PSU and transformer were bolted to the bulkhead and the bulkhead put back in place. Next the new transformer (for the power amp) was bolted into position. The mosfet module and suitable heat sink was fitted with four bolts going through the case. Now all that was left to do was wire it up, and plug into a speaker for a test.
Trace Elliot After
Well it worked and after a bit more work the front panel lit up. Now to the world it looked just like it had done all along but would it sound as good as it had.

Trace Elliot Power
To us it sounded just like the old analogue Trace Elliots, but we have never heard any of these digital models, so we were a bit nervous of what the client would think.

What the customer did think

Just a little update on the digital to analogue conversion and rebuild you did on my trace elliot 715x. Ive done seven or eight gigs with the amp and to be honest I could not be happier with the sound im getting on stage.The overall volume is very smilar to the original, dare not push it past 2 on the post gain or people would lose fillings. I never thought I'd get a better sound than the trace smx 400 I used to own few years back, but I have been proved wrong. The overall sound is very trace elliot a tad warmer than the original. The mosfet modules always worked well with trace gp7 preamps, they do run a little warmer but we all know that. Our guitarist who I've played with on and off for 12 years says its the best sound I have ever had, and a few comments from muso punters . nuff said..
thanks again Liz and Mac a great result. Thanks Barry (INFERNO)

On the 6th of April 2013 we were invited to film 'Inferno' at the Polar Bear, Hull. So please find below, 'Without Love, where would we be now' Played by Inferno