ADR SoundSense Amplifier Repair in Hull & Yorkshire

The last few years have seen some changes here at ADR Soundsense. We have added to our video and recording facilities, added to our laser systems but reduced our P.A systems. This year brought us what we thought was the worst condition Vox AC30 we had ever seen. read about it on the VoxAC30 rebuild page. See and hear how we got on, in a slide show of the project at 1964 Vox AC30 rebuild to Bert's Boogie We have added a second Sony XD Cam to our video side as well as upgrading to Adobe Premier CS5 for the bulk of our editing and rendering. You can see other videos shot this year at the adrsoundsense youtube site.

We Service and repair a wide range of electronic equipment used in the entertainment industry, and repair both sound and lighting equipment, including display lasers. We here at Adrsoundsense have over 30 years of electronics experience and are well Our green W-bin bass speaker.acquainted with the early, now vintage valve amplifiers Marshall, Fender, Selmer or Vox.

As authorised engineers we also have access to schematics and circuit diagrams not available to the general public. This gives us access to a wide range of makers parts from all of the major companies. Enabling high quality repairs and servicing of both vintage valve and transistor equipment.

Vintage Amplifier Repair in Hull.

As you can see, we have a lot of experience in the music Fender twin reverb guitar amplifier.industry, our history includes a lot of time spent in repairing and servicing the early valve amps. You name the vintage amplifier and we have most likely serviced one.

So if you need vintage amplifier repair or servicing; contact us. We are also pretty good luthiers. All in all, we reckon that we can repair and service most things Musical and or electronic.

Phone us or send an E mail and we will do our best to help you, whatever your problem.

Thanks, the ADR team

We now supply, service and repair laser and sound systems systems for some of the larger night clubs in Hull, Yorkshire. To complement this work we built our own laser systems, our first being a green/blue argon/ion gas laser. Since then we have built our own 600mW full colour laser projector. We also added video capabilities to our audio recording studio and have made a video production for one of the biggest alcoholic drinks companies.