Laser light shows for Hire in Hull Yorkshire.

We hire a range of display lasers, though our Full Colour Projection Laser is the one for most occasions. It has the ability to project in full colour; your logos, name of your club/act or or any other design that can be expressed as lines. These laser light shows are ideal for clubs, large birthday parties and corporate events. These lasers always come with an experienced operator. The display laser light can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please bear in mind that in clubs there is no point of bringing in a display laser if you are going to overpower the space with ultra bright lights or dense smoke. If this is the case then a couple of our small display lasers would be better suited. Prices for the display laser light show and the design service can be obtained upon request. Please book at least a week in advance of hiring your laser light show.

Laser Graphics

Our laser graphics man has excellent 3D & 2D laser graphic skills, see his computer models on this site (mixer desk, jack lead, speaker cabinet and film reel). We can make laser graphics, animations or text to your specifications.

Lasers for Sale

We manufacture our own full colour laser light projectors, having ILDA capability and fitted with an ILDA input socket and a out/through socket for connecting other ILDA capable systems. These have an output power of just under half a watt and come with software by Pangolin to control and program your full colour laser system. These are built to order and cost around £2,500. Prices may vary as laser diodes and power supplies come from overseas and currency rates change. Also as technology advances component price falls, so the cost at time of order may be less than £2,500.

Single-colour lasers are cheaper, the most expensive colour being blue. These are also made to order and priced according to specifications and laser power.

Laser Repairs

We also offer a laser repair service for all types of display laser system and can replace or repair the scanners, power supplies and laser tubes or diodes. All parts of a display laser may be repaired, replaced or updated. These repairs should only be carried out by engineers or technicians experienced in this area. Laser light is dangerous. Servicing might require the disabling of safety interlocks, something only to be done by trained engineers. We have all the capabilities to service and repair your display laser. We can also upgrade your existing laser system, by the adding various beam effects that can be switched in or out of the beam. We can provide telephone technical support for registered customers and engineers. General advice on display lasers and safety at your event is available free to everyone. The Safety of our Clients and their customers is our main concern.

See our contact details page.

Please note: We will only give service and repair advice to competent and safety aware technicians.

So if you have any laser Repair requirements, phone us and we will be happy to help.

Don't stare into lasers. Lasers can damage your eyes and you may not even realise it. You have been warned.

A 500mW laser can light a cigarette at 40 feet. Most lasers in big clubs are between 500 mW and 2 watt.

Laser display photos taken at the Helmsley Farmyard Bash, Eat Your Words tent 2010. A video of this is on our Media page, fourth video down.