Video Production

We have a well-equipped audio/video studio with High Definition facilities . We have 3 High Definition video cameras, the main one being the Sony XD cam. The other two High Definition video cameras are a smaller HD camera and a waterproof action camera. The video studio uses Adobe Premiere for all digital editing and mixing. The graphics card is a Matrox R2 with hardware video acceleration, enabling real-time preview of fades and transitions. This allows faster video editing, meaning that the customer gets the video DVD or CD finished quicker, and at a reduced price.

Video Restoration

We can output or convert video to most formats, including Blu-ray. We can also take in old video formats like VHS and SuperVHS and convert these to digital. As well as video conversion we offer video restoration. The video restore process consist of synchronising the video and then sampling to computer. Adobe Premier is deployed to restore colour, contrast and gamut. The audio track is restored in specialist audio software, and mixed back in with the restored video. The video is now rendered out to the format required, DVD or Blu-ray.

As technology marches relentlessly along, old formats become obsolete and in the next few years your old VHS tapes will be unplayable on the modern digital televisions, even if your video player still works. We can convert and restore your old video tapes and save your precious memories. Do not consign your old videos to the recycle bin. Bring your old memories alive again. Our video conversion and restoration studio will keep the colour alive and the image sharp as you watch and share old memories.

Music Videos

We specialise in music and band videos, but unlike most video companies we come to video through sound recording. Sound and music is your profession and vital to your performance, and we will use high sample rate and bit depth, giving you a high quality digital sound recording for your video DVD. We can produce a video of a live performance highlighting the best five or so selected tracks and have the DVD video available within 36 hours, often less. As we record all our video and audio sources in High Definition, we can output to any lower resolution format. We can also produce video and audio for internet formats, like YouTube in all formats. Some formats may have license restrictions.

Our Work

You can find examples of our video work on the Media Gallery. Please note that these are streaming files, so that they may not play back at high resolutions when the internet is very busy.