Laser Repairs

Display lasers consist of many parts the laser, the optics the graphics drivers and the software as well as the power supply and case. Each of this items can be repaired or upgraded. Gas lasers can be replaced by Laser diodes and scanners can be replaced or upgraded. We have an extensive range of laser products from suppliers both in America and the Far East.

Laser servicing

Display lasers require very little electronic servicing but they will need regular cleaning and mechanical adjustment. The residue from smoke machines can reduce laser relative output brightness by over 70 %. Cleaning the optics in the light path is a delicate job and if badly done may damage the beam filters and combiners or displace scanner mirrors. Cotton buds can leave a residue of lint behind. We use our own optical cleaner using lint free cotton backed by chamois leather. As a cleaning liquid we use pure water which is created for the pharmaceutical and electronics industries. If you open the laser to clean it beware you may be EXPOSING YOURSELF TO LASER RADIATION THAT MAY BLIND OR BURN. Our laser power meter has burn marks on the plastic from us passing it into the beam to test the laser power This is not to say that if you are aware of the dangers, have steady hands and a knowledge of electronics and optics you could do the job yourself. But are you sure that the guy down the road does or the camera shop on the high street can service it. Send us it and get it done correctly, safely and reliably. Contact Us. If however you wish to do it yourself talk to us and we will guide you through it.

Laser Safety checks

The laser should be tested for safety when the annual PAT testing is done. At this time the correct working of safety devices like key interlocks and beam stoppers should be checked. and marked as done in the PAT record for the laser projector.

Laser Disposal and Scrapping

Some of the materials in a laser projector may be hazardous to health and needs safe disposal If you are in doubt as to what you need to do consult us and we will be happy to advise one the disposal, or dispose of it for you.