Repairs in Hull & East Yorkshire

We are a Hull & Yorkshire repair company that supports Hull musicians and the music industry. As engineers and musicians we have had the job of repair and service of bands equipment and leads. We were so good at repairs that we had other bands' asking for help, then music shops started using our repair services. We expanded our service into repairing guitars and their amplifiers. Our green W-bin bass speaker. We also built our own range of Amplifiers and speakers for the local clubs. The dance scene flourished and we added video projections and laser graphics.

Apart from the repair of traditional analogue amplifiers, we also repair digital modelling amplifiers. Unlike the old valve vintage amplifier, the digital modelling amplifier samples the analogue signal and converts it into a digital data source which is fed into a sound processor. This is a mathematical algorithm which produces the sound or effect required. This digital signal is then converted back to analogue and fed to a transistor amplifier. Now you have the full valve sound of a vintage orange amplifier. Well that is what the maker says, But I would rather have a vintage Orange amplifier for £1,500 than a digital copy for £250.

As you can see from this site we love vintage kit and like to see it perform its best. When we service or repair your vintage equipment we will give your kit as much care as you do, and return you a product working at its best.

Amplifier Repairs

Most amplifiers can be repaired. But there are a few exceptions, this is nearly always due to the unavailability of spare parts. Some parts are safety critical and can only be replaced by an equivalent safety component. These repairs should only be carried out by engineers or technicians experienced in this area. Repair will require the amplifier to be removed from its case, exposing high voltages that can kill. The anode voltage on an output valve could be as high as 600 volts. This is something that is best done by trained engineers.

A badly done repair risks damaging your equipment or shocking you!

We can provide telephone support for customers and engineers and give general advice to musicians. Please note, we will only give service and repair advice to competent and safety-aware technicians. See contact details.


We have a selection of schematics on this site, and are hoping to provide more. Any circuit diagrams you send us will be put on this site if copyright allows. Also on this site we will be providing info on how music equipment works and how to maintain it.

We intend to provide information on the wiring and repairing of guitars. This will take time, so keep checking our site. If you have any areas that you would like to see included on this site please let us know, your support and feedback is appreciated.